Testing, testing 1-2-3

Hello, world!

The idea of this blog came because we simply asked for it!

Our story is not the typical friendship story: girl meets girl, do some mirroring and confession, sprinkled with comforting “me too’s”, bound instantly and are friends forever. Au contraire. We met indeed ages ago, had our ups and downs, followed by awkward silent moments and “I’m ignoring you” phases. But in the end, when the time was right, we somehow found the way to each other’s heart.

Today our friendship means a lot to both of us, as we worked for it with commitment, sincerity and mutual respect. In the end, in a funny twist of fate, we discovered that what separated us in the beginning has brought us together again.

So, here we are! All excited and happy about our joint project! Pull up a chair, have a tea with us or grab a cup of coffee. You’re welcome here!


Venom & Clover

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