What’s next, Venom dear?

Good morning, everybody!

As you may already know, I am the recovering control freak.

But recovering does not mean <cured>, so it was only natural to ask Venom to do a bit of a virtual brainstorming and write down…well, everything we want to write about in the upcoming posts.

But, first things first: introductions are in order.  Meet Venom & Clover.

Introducing Venom: too shy for words, properly unconventional and well… reformed bitch (alas quite dotty whilst on PMS). Confessed agnostic, forever infatuated with all things British, Mediterranean and Scandinavian, with a freakish fixation on Harry Potter’s world. Persistently advocating for free will and respect for oneself without disturbing the others, dreaming of and pursuing tranquility in a loud and strident world, to the odd acrimony of her neighbors. In charge with and committed to supporting downshifting and DIY / hand-made business ideas and projects.

Introducing Clover: Undercover hippie, nomad in thinking and feeling, mother of the enchanted Clover Junior. Francophile. Enthusiastic collector of daydreams, plans and memories. Also a sucker for stationery and scarves (the more the merrier). Recovering control freak, copyright-obsessed, in charge with art-related posts, weird cool music, storytelling jewellery and well…zenitude. Personal mantra: “Magic is something we create!”

Okay, now you know who is writing and if we didn’t scare you off just yet, here is what we have in store for you – our (future) permanent columns:

  • The Big Leap: interviews with courageous and passion-driven people who made the jump and took the chance for the gratification of staying true to themselves;
  • The Romanian Way: interviews in the language of our thoughts, feelings and heartaches;
  • Weekly scoop & other sensational findings: small treasures that enchant us – music, films, theatre, hobbies;
  • Funky Lullabies: blissful glimpses & gawky hiccups of Clover’s journey into motherhood;
  • On my nightstand: they deserve a special rubric – the books which bring us the oh-so-necessary dose of daily joy and carry us in Morpheus’ nightly world;
  • On the radar: see the entries on our “watch list”, the high-potentials of art and entrepreneurship with a twist (read business made with passion);
  • Guest Writer: stories from our charming invitees;
  • Enlightenment & random aha-moments: windows to our souls and the pondered remedies we try;
  • Post on the run: Venom and Clover’s posts versus time – that is until we discover the time machine 🙂

“Why English?” you may ask.

Well, although humanity and art are universal and limitless, language certainly has its limitations. That is why, after some thought and consideration, we decided to use English as our bridge in communication: we aim to introduce both Romanian and international artists and entrepreneurs to a varied audience.

However, Romanian is the language of our thoughts, feelings and heartaches. Furthermore, there will be plenty of interviews with artists and entrepreneurs in Romanian (see the rubric: The Romanian Way).

Buckle up! Tomorrow we’ll talk wonders. Bec Wonders, that is.



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