Bec of Wonders

Those who say you can only be good at one thing surely haven’t met Bec Wonders – a creative spirit, shaping and creating wonders on a daily basis.

See, this multidimensional young artist with a predestined name is not only beautiful on the outside, but my God, she is bursting with artistic beauty on the inside too.

A complete and complex artist, Bec is undoubtedly focused and committed to achieving high standards in painting, photography, paintography (a mix between the two) and design.

My heart is singing with joy and my eyes are feasting on her amazing work.

Ladies and gents, meet Bec Wonders!

Hello, Bec! Thank you so much for doing this.

When did you decide to pursue your vocation as a visual artist, turning your talent into a (full-time) profession?

Probably when I realized how powerful visual language can be. I never wanted to make ‘art for art’s sake’ and be “just an artist” – I’d rather use art as a means of communication. Nowadays of course most people can read and write and watch the news, however I believe that there lies great strength in anything that is visual and creative; and I want to push that power into the right direction and provide new perspectives to new audiences.

Were there any obstacles in your path and what ways did you figure out to avoid them? Did you turn roadblocks into opportunities?

I’ve always been somewhat of an overachiever and have never really been satisfied with any of my work. I’m always thinking “what’s next?”, so in that sense, I’ve had many creative obstacles revolving around my identity. Who knows if and when they’ll ever stop! I think I’ve always felt somewhat misunderstood as a person and as an artist, and that might never change, but I’ve never lost confidence in my creative talent and redirected it if I felt it wasn’t working.

What do you love most about your work?

When I look at a finished piece and just think “YES” and a certain satisfaction runs through my whole body and I feel like I’ve done something meaningful. I don’t much care what people end up thinking about it, but when I see that people are affected by my artwork (negatively or positively), it means that I’m doing something right.

Where does your inspiration come from? Do you have any tips to beat artist’s block?

I can’t pinpoint a specific source for inspiration because my inspirations often happen when two completely random things come together. I deal a lot with different mediums: Painting, photography and fashion; so when I get frustrated with one I usually move to the next. I’ve learned to always keep an open mind and never being too set in my skills. To beat artist’s block I try to push myself out of my comfort zone. Recently I was extremely frustrated with my work and discovered that it’s because I was only painting portraits and figures. I did something completely different and went into pattern-painting; and then found myself far more liberated. The important thing is to be observant and avoid thinking that any technique or art-form is wrong or in any way worse than what you’re currently doing.

What are some of your latest “wonders” ?

Right now I’m working on a clothing line that is based on my paintings. I’ve designed patterns, painted them onto canvas and then printed the finished painting onto textile. It’s going to be a collection of 11 different designs with 5 different painted patterns. The reason behind this project is based on a certain frustration that I have with “fine art”. I often find that fine art is a term that only applies to things hanging on a white wall in a gallery. I want to go further than that and target an audience that may have never been subjected to fine art or painting before. The ideas that I am communicating through my paintings are exhibited in a contemporary way: Fashion; so that unfamiliar people will be shown unfamiliar ideas and question any conservative preconceptions of both fine art and fashion.

Name a few of your personal pleasures in your day-to-day life. 

I’m a passionate vegan and healthy-food advocate, so I really enjoy finding local healthy food places and eating out a lot. I love long bus and train rides, and at least once a day need to sit down with a notebook and a coffee and just take a break from my surroundings. I like going to movies alone, traveling alone and discovering things on my own (….I must sound so fun….). Don’t get me wrong, I adore my friends and meeting new people, but I like the idea of having an identity separate from anyone or anything else. I absolutely love going out dancing and having a glass or two of quality wine.

Is music a constant in your life? Name some artists on your current playlist.

Yes. To add to that, I have a neurological condition called “Synesthesia” which relates different sense inputs with each other. For example, when I see a certain color, I can hear a sound that’s related to that color, and vice versa. I also have this very strongly with words, numbers, letters and sentences and colors. Every word and letter has a distinct color that I will always see, no matter what color they are written in. This being said, whenever I hear music I see certain colors and some relate to my work better than others. I always move towards experimental fusion music. Some of my favorite artists are Bondax, Coco Rosie, Chet Faker, Shlohmo, Star Slinger, Niva, Meridians, Efterklang, too many to name. I like unconventional styles that are mixed together. Fusion music shows the most interesting colors when I listen to them.

What was the last book that made a strong/positive impact on you?

I’m a big fan of non-fiction and historical readings, I think that the most interesting stories are often ones that are too astonishing to even think of or imagine. The latest book I read was a collection of all the letters and newspaper articles of the survivors of the Titanic. I also read many philosophical texts, recently Immanuel Kant’s Aesthetic Judgments and I enjoy listening to readings of Alan Watts.

What personal mantra do you try to live by?

I ask myself that every day! When I’ve got one I’ll let you know!

Name the top three things on your wish list.

One: A lifelong supply of free art supplies? I think that’s an appropriate wish for an artist…
Two: More seriously though, I wish to create more awareness for healthy food culture and ethical/equal living.
Three: I speak 5 languages at the moment and would like to master up to 7 including learning a new alphabet.

What would be a professional/personal dream come true?

Walking down the streets one day and seeing people ‘wearing my paintings’, in other words people wearing my clothes designed with my painting textiles. It would be a great ego-trip, but more profoundly it would be a true affirmation of making a dent in the fashion, art and beauty industry. I think there needs to be a fresh voice on ideals of beauty and what “good/bad fashion” means.

What is one of your dearest souvenirs from your childhood?

I’m not particularly attached to anything material, but I do remember sitting in my backyard in Germany and an elderly woman next door passed me her necklace filled with violet Charoite gems through our fence. She said I could keep it. I never saw her again. I remember just thinking how that was probably the kindest and loveliest thing I’ve ever experienced. I was most likely 3 years old.

If you had the chance, what would you advise your younger self?

Bec!!! Don’t WORRY so much! (I still have to try and tell myself that now….)

Bec, thank you for your time!


There is a lot more of her impressive work to see.
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