The flower fairy

A real life fairy.

An elevated character and a beautiful, open heart. A bohemienne aux grands yeux d’ambre living between two cities: Paris and Little Paris.

I met Agatha Blanck several years ago, on one of those magical occasions, when most probably all planets were aligned and waiting for us to meet. She never left my heart since. It was her life-changing story that inspired me to take a chance and put my creativity at work firstly for my own pleasure and hopefully for that of others as well.

You may know pieces of her story from previously featured interviews, but I’ll just tell the story one more time as it is truly inspirational.

Agatha, an attorney at law in her early twenties, left for Paris with her husband, who was an INSEAD alumni at that time. She continued her career as an attorney abroad and even opened her own practice in the City of Lights with a fellow lawyer. Years went by and the constant beauty-hunter attended several classes, mainly related to art and art de vivre.

And one day magic happened!

She attended a floral design class and instantly fell in love with the flowers that surrounded her on a daily basis. Needless to say that these were the premises of a life-long love story and the starting point of a remarkable journey toward self-discovery and professional satisfaction.

Stay tuned for PART TWO: you will personally meet Agatha in our upcoming interview and read all about her amazing inner world, holding hands with Dalai Lama himself, the sweetest birthday present a sister can get and Agatha’s plans for a magic-come-true future.

Until then, get a closer look at her heartwarming work here:


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