People worth protesting for: Medine Pop

Not all those who wander are lost

© Medine Pop

The downside of being an Executive Search consultant is that I can’t reveal the identity of my clients or candidates. Confidentiality is my top priority. So I can’t tell the world, as I would shout out loud that there are amazing, smart, genuine people (still) out there, with wonderful stories to be told and great ideas to be shared.

Luckily, this blog, as we envisaged it, is just the right place where we can do that: to talk and to share stories about inspiring people, creative people, people we heart and admire.

Medine Pop is just one of these people and she is on my shortlist too. The story is simple: I stumbled upon her blog through an internet rabbit hole, while enjoying vacation (read maternity leave) with baby girl.

Her witty, straightforward, no bulls*#t style instantly won me over: she is not only talented in writing and well-spoken, but man, does this gal have an attitude. A “Je m’en fous” kind of attitude. She is daring and authentic and has a great appetite for protest.

I admire her determination, her sharp remarks and her well documented arguments, but what I most like about her is her commitment: towards herself, towards her ideas and opinions. She stands behind her words, every single one of it, unafraid of social or professional ban. This is what I call a lady with ba well…attitude!

Luckily, in the modern day era, one is not doomed to hope and wait for years until (s)he is properly introduced to someone, so here is where (virtual) social networking came in hand.

Full Moon

© Medine Pop, Photo by Oltin Dogaru

Hello, Medine! Thank you for doing this!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently dividing myself between managing the dark and mysterious Societe CEREBROSSA, P.R.-ing the pink and wonderful MANOUSH, writing editorials for the stylish and educational Harper’s Bazaar and planning a beautiful project based on the unexplored and unexploited Romanian Design.

While faithfully following some of your recent posting, I discovered you are part of a secret society. Tell me more about “Societe Cerebrossa”.

The brands description should answer to this question, as I have wrote it myself.

“We are a secret Society, willing not to divulge our identities – unless they are unmasked.

In times when ideas spread with the speed of light, when inspiration reveals to anybody that prays for it, when innovation has multiple authors, when accessibility exceeds its own boundaries – we are born as a quiet Jewellery-Atelier, cloned from the genes of the true Illuminati.

Alongside with its creators, Societe Cerebrossa gathers a selective group of Jewellery-Wearers, whose believes rely in the symbolism and mysticism of Superstitions-Empowering-Jewellery.

Our Manifesto concludes in the Power we invest in the pieces of Jewellery we create. We strongly believe that our Ego has the capability of transferring, through the process of self-suggestion, unsuspected authority to the Jewellery we poses and wear.

Like blazonry-rings worn by Secret Societies, our jewellery pieces are not supposed to be treated as fashion-accessories, but as suspicious Objects of Identification.

Once you own it, you are involved in it. You become part of our Societe Cerebrossa.”

Societe Cerebrossa S

© Societe Cerebrossa

As a customer I am impressed by the uniqueness of your designs and the excellent interaction with clients. It is evident that the team behind the “Societe Cerebrossa” brand pays a lot of attention to visual identity, communication and customer care. Are there any other values you share as a team?

What actually bundles us is the “Creative-Insomnia”, the compulsive-obsession of doing things right and the inexplicably need of telling stories – not just selling objects. But above all, there is a secret Conspiracy that keeps us together, whose precise goal is “Taking over the World”!

I have a confession to make: what I find most tempting (about “Societe Cerebrossa” bracelets), is the invitation to storytelling and co-creation. It seems like every bracelet carries its own story: a story co-written by its creator and wearer. What is the story behind the storytelling?

The story behind the storytelling reveals itself from our obvious skill of storytelling. This process is what we also find the most tempting and provocative. How to make people choose an object not for its appearance and functionality, but for its hidden significance. For the story of the story behind the story.

Societe Cerebrossa T

© Societe Cerebrossa

Is there a bracelet or a piece of jewelry you particularly wear and treasure?

There are a few little precious treasures I own and wear, or, au contraire, I hide in a secret treasury-box. The predictable piece of jewelry I wear is the “bond-ring”. A tiny piece of gold embodying a symbolic string knotted and duplicated that shall remind me forever and ever of the Greatest Friendship between two Men that ever existed. See how miraculous a piece of jewelry can be? The treasure is completed by the “inherited-valuable-jewelry” arsenal and by the “symbolic-gifted-ring-of-an-important-person-that-died”.

Do you subscribe to any mantras or words of guidance for navigation through life?

I prefer mottoes to mantras, as I am quite a religious person – I suppose this should come as a surprise. I have a fascination for “mottoes”. Since I was a child, I kept writing all the memorable words I encountered. I have never had just one motto that was supposed to stick with me. But there are few retainable words I keep in my heart: NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST. The majority were framed by painters and writers. I never trusted anybody, but painters and writers! The mad geniuses.

Tell me about something worth protesting for, these days.

It’s the Culture that makes us stronger and bolder, the Ecology that makes us more responsible and aware, the Art that helps us scream louder, the Science & Religion that gives us roots and comfort. Not losing our senses of simplicity – in all its forms – could be a worthy reason for protesting. Eventually, everything you actually believe in with all your rationality and spirituality can be worth protesting for. A consistent cliché, a way of getting myself out of this extremely hard-to-answer-in-few-words question.

Societe Cerebrossa P

© Societe Cerebrossa

I see protest as a mixture between awareness and rebellion against social harness. How do you see it?

If you ask me, a protestant by default, I see protest as a way of expressing your manifesto. I once chose protesting as it seemed more plausible than a common and a quiet way of telling uncommon and unquiet things that needed to be said.

It is obvious to me that you are a fighter and a challenger, but are there moments when you feel drained out? How do you pull yourself out of a slump?

Yes, there are – it is part of the game. We are all Kings of our Castles. That is all I can say.

Do you have a role-model? Who do you turn to for advice and inspiration?

Never had, never will. It’s the holy “Dot Com” where I find all the advices and inspiration I need.

Who are some artists whose work you admire?

I have some sort of an obsession with the Impressionists. All my childhood and adolescence I was in love with Modigliani and I thought deep down in my secrecy that I was the reincarnation of Jane. I do not find any interest or affinity for modern-contemporary art.  I am fascinated by the “Absinth-Painters” of Montmartre. I cry in front of Surrealists. I divinize the works of Braque, of Klee, of de Chirico, Magritte, Chagall. It’s Goya through who I discovered the art of painting. His Caprices still appear to me, today, as sacred man-made wonders of the world. And it’s just now that I am starting to taste the Classicism and the Renaissance and all that heavenly and heavily opulence in painting and philosophy of life. There are many tombs in Paris where I have left pieces of my heart and admiration. They are all the artists of my life and I have discovered them all in my early adolescence. Starting with our forgotten Romanian spirits – Ionesco, Brancusi, Cioran, Tzara…

What is something you recently saw or heard that has stuck with you?

That I am about to become a millionaire, but only after the Mayan End of the World.

Societe Cerebrossa R

© Societe Cerebrossa

What are some of your daydreams?

Leaving Bucharest, having babies, becoming raw-vegetarian together with half of the modern-world, owning a house in Viscri, next to all the other smart-enough entrepreneurs, in front with team leader, Charles. Learning to manufacture my own clothes, while stop contributing to the enrichment of the high-street-apparel-industry Moguls.  Selling CEREBROSSA all over the Planet and extending to the Moon, but only when it’s Full. All sort of womanish daydreams not necessarily worth being revealed.

Last but not least: Truth (A) or Dare (B)? Note to readers: See, I told you she’s a special one – she chose both!

A: If you had only one smile to offer, whom would you give it to?


B: If rain was a feeling, how would you describe it?


Thank you so much, Medine! It was a mind-rewarding pleasure having this interview with you (and yes! I’m craving for more).

There is so much more to be discovered about Medine and somehow I feel that we shall meet again. Did I mention she is also a talented photographer and a regular fashion correspondent at Paris Fashion Week? Be sure to check out her blog and pertinent fashion reviews here or even say “Hello” here.



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