December, get real!

I was thinking the other day about the frenzy of this month…seems like there is a “happy” virus all over town and everybody’s got it. Happiness on demand is not my thing, although it’s a must of the season.

Compulsive last-minute shopping, Christmas songs on mega repeat, intense planning of parties, feverish X-ray scan of the wardrobe…been there, done that in a long-forgotten era. Black-tie events, effervescent cocktail parties, paparazzi-populated social events, dull gatherings, fundraising events…I’ve seen/experienced it all. It’s not my thing anymore (I must be getting older boring wiser) especially since a very important part of my time and attention is dedicated to the queen of my heart – baby Clover.

December get real

Nowadays, I take it all slow, leaving my micro-management predisposition aside and doing whatever feels natural and makes me happy now, not just in the over-celebrated month of December. In other words, I choose happiness as a state of mind, in my own tempo.

Moreover, part of what I call “the luxury of being myself” means also that I get to choose what activities to engage in, what social gatherings to attend, what company to keep etc. It’s not snobbery nor is it elitism; it’s just a simple act of commitment to the person I am (flaws and oddities included) and I recently realized that I’m rather a sociable person than a socialite! On the other hand, I am no hermit and I do not live in the woods either, so you might as well run into me at an above-mentioned event. I have a bunch of creative friends and I love to show up to their events to celebrate and endorse their work.

For instance, tomorrow evening, baby Clover and I have a date with art, celebrating the beautiful and sensible artist, Maria Dermengiu.

Below is the invitation – why don’t you join us?

For the readers living abroad, here is more about this talented Romanian artist.



Maria Dermengiu

Image source: 1/Self-made collage using photos from here. 2/Invitation here.