Enchanted memories

These last few weeks have been rather hectic for me (that is Venom), as I’ve got a new job. Which is great, but it also meant tiredness, anxiety, work, work, work, learning lots of new and fascinating things, and giving way to little TLC to this lovely pet-project. That is why Clover dearest has been filling in for me on too many occasions (did I say thank you, Clover? Thank you again <3). The last week in particular has lacked recreation and that made me terribly thirsty for a few tiny moments of tranquility.

This brings me to the enchantment in the title: every time I get overwhelmed by tight dead-lines, I let myself immerse in a happy memory: refreshment on the go! My favorite, dearest, most vivid instant remedy is a moment of an enchanted day, a warm rainy April day. It was an Easter day; my father, my sister and I went on a walk to visit my grandmother, all dressed up in new beautiful clothes. The air was warm and fresh and soft, rain was drizzling every now and then, birds were singing their spring trills. We reached my grandmother’s place and I was just amazed at the smell of damp earth and spring flowers on the street. It went straight to all my senses, not to mention my affective memory. I keep searching for that moment each and every spring. I relive it often when I go through a busy crazy day. Maybe I’m searching for a childhood state, hoping to be – one more time – carefree and optimistically eager to see what life had in store for me. Or maybe it’s simply an incredible moment of sheer happiness bringing me much-needed comfort.

I relived that feeling one memorable evening … on TV. I just happened to stumble on a film and I was mesmerized. It felt just like that April day and guess what? The film was called “The Enchanted April”! Moreover, it turned out that it was adapted from a novel written by Elizabeth von Arnim, which yeeeeeyyyy meant a double portion of happiness! The story is amazingly simple: 4 so very different women go on a spring holiday in a rented seaside Italian villa. From dark rainy London to a sunny bucolic idyllic Mediterranean spring. Now don’t expect to read an arty film critique – that’s not my territory and I certainly wouldn’t want to spoil the spell that film casts on people. But if you can get your hands on this lovely film or on von Arnim’s book, savor it with all your senses. It might carry you back to your own enchanted April moment.

See the trailer here: Enchanted April trailer

Get the book on the amazing Gutenberg project

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