Getting my Mojo back

“Funky lullabies” – when thinking of naming my column on motherhood, I realized that I didn’t fit into a certain parenting style or category. My parenting philosophy is a mix between gut feelings, being permissive and aware of my baby’s needs and wants, trying to draw a line and to help her understand things, but also respecting her as a person, accepting her uniqueness and empowering her to be her own self.

While mastering the art of motherhood, in my own clumsy-confident-protective way, what is crucial to me, is not only the beyond-words connection and limitless love I feel for baby Clover, but the undeniable respect too. Yet respect is a two-way street, which brings me to the most important lesson I want my daughter to learn: self-respect and respect for others.

The following is a mix-n-match reading list* and suggestions of books and articles that I resonated to, while being pregnant and enjoying the best self-confidence era of my life (so far) and soon after giving birth – in those sleep-deprived, self-conscious days and nights, when it seemed I was on an emotional mood swing roller-coaster.



*Note to readers: this is a major subjective list, it worked and suited me for an infinity of reasons. However, it’s quite diverse and surprising, so feel free to browse through it – maybe there’s something there for you too.


During pregnancy & “baby fever” (read super-mood):

Birthing from Within: Pam England & Rob Horowitz

Birthing From Within

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The Continuum Concept – Jean Liedloff

The Continuum Concept

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Françoise Dolto

Parler juste aux enfants

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La difficulte de vivre

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In the last two weeks of pregnancy (read zenitude & pure happiness):

Gill Edwards – Life is A Gift

Gil EdwardsRating: Copy (2) of 1338826908_00_0


First 3 weeks after giving birth (read sleep-deprived & in desperate need of getting my Mojo back)

Françoise Dolto

Les etapes majeures de l'enfance

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Pamela Druckerman

Article in New York Magazine


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Elisabeth Badinter

Article in NY Times


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