Less is the new more


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This is not an absolute truth, but it surely fits me and my (new) way of being.

Before I had baby Clover, I had my fair share of compulsive shopping, seasoned with casual-weird items purchase and a lot of so-called “investments” (read shoes/ clothing that are now royally hiding sitting in the back of my closet). Once baby Clover was born, I had a major aha-phase which snapped me out of my self-created hustle and bustle: today I tend to simplify (mostly) everything and make time and space for the really important stuff.

Take my wardrobe for instance: it used to be jam- packed with clothes (okay, I admit it still is, but not for long) that I didn’t need, didn’t like and certainly didn’t wear. Of course, the amount of it made it even more difficult to spot those items I really liked, because they were just so many.

This year I bought this book. And while reading through it, I was hit by this crazy glorious idea to declutter my wardrobe and only use about 10% of it: that’s more or less the percentage of items that describe me best, have a story behind them and guess what… really fit and flatter me.


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I must admit and you are my witnesses, that this was one of the best ideas ever.

In short, here is why:

  • More time (especially in the morning) = Less standing in front of the closet (puzzled look included)
  • More space = Less clutter
  • More fun & creativity = Less stress
  • More investment in quality = Less quantity of low/medium-quality items
  • More “I totally love” pieces = Less “compromise” items

And here’s a little disclaimer: although I now wear a considerable small percentage of what used to be my wardrobe, I never feel that I have nothing to wear (like I used to in the past) and I am not bothered or bored to wear some items more often. Remember, the capsule-wardrobe is only comprised of my best clothes, those that give me a thrill (and a silent cheer) every time I see/ wear them.

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I talked about my wardrobe, but in fact, this is such an important lesson that one can extend and implement in various aspects of life: sometimes those 10% are what truly matter (think dysfunctional relationships, superficial friendships, negative thinking– those aspects definitely need a decluttering session). So here’s to more quality and less quantity in life, living and love.



P.S. Stay tuned: tomorrow Venom will have something in store for us! Can’t wait to read her post!