Right Ho! Next station: Holiday!


As Clover dearest has warned you yesterday, today is “V” day – that is the only day of the week when Venom puts her mind to use outside office hours (sic!).

Well, as Friday 21st draws nearer, I can only think about one thing: holiday, vacation, leave, break, time off – call it what you want, the next two weeks I am NOT going to work. I am seriously planning the most infantile holiday ever: sleep, read, crosswords, DIY necklaces and Christmas decorations, films, eat and more sleep. Indeed, Venom is quite immature at times and she’s certainly shameless when it comes to the little free time she possesses. And talks in the 3rd person whilst telling the entire world that she is infantile.

For those of you who wonder if the title is just unfinished business… well, no! The beginning it’s one of my very favorite phrases in English literature (I am not quite sophisticated, now you know!). I first came across it in a PG Wodehouse novel (if you’re wondering: PG is short for Pelham Grenville). The master of humor happens to be one of the few constants of my life and one of my favorite past times during both distant and recent holidays.

I discovered PG Wodehouse during a summer holiday, when I was 13 or 14 years old; I found the Romanian translation of his masterpiece Summer Lightning among the books in my parents’ apartment. I remember hating that it ended so fast, leaving me just so thirsty for more. It took around 20 years for me to be reunited with PG Wodehouse and to happily realize that he has written plenty more wonderful books. I still take them in one by one, enjoying each page and anxiously thinking that eventually, one day, I will finish reading all his works. That will be a sad day!

Until then, Wodehouse takes me to the lovely ’20’s and ’30’s, to my beloved UK, to inoffensive aristocrats obsessed with their pigs or roses, to wise gentlemen’ s gentlemen, recurrent bonhomie, gloriously funny situations and wonderfully hilarious lexicon.


Venom’s top 3

So if you ask me what I wish for Christmas…Ā  that would definitely be a cozy Wodehouse-ish holiday šŸ™‚ And that is what I wish for you all.

And here’s an early Christmas present: for all Wodehouse fans out there, here is a 60-minute documentary on the master šŸ™‚