Three happy cheers & three last-minute Christmas ideas

If you have been around this blog long enough (did we tell you how grateful we are for that?), then you already know that I am more of a DIY-think-outside-the-box advocate, than a shop-till-you-drop promoter.

So I thought of sharing with you my three creative last-minute Christmas ideas for this year:

1. Original Christmas tree decorations

This idea was spotted a couple of days ago, while watching an interview with HRH Prince Paul of Romania. A clever member of his staff had the wonderful idea to use family photos as decoration and magically turned a typical Christmas tree into a family tree featuring members and descendants of the Royal family.


Image source here

I would have loved to show you my Christmas tree, but I still have to print out some family photos for some final touches. However, if you’re not that into this idea, what about adding some inspirational handwritten cards like these ones right here?

Or remember Principessa’s eco-friendly Christmas tree?

2. Inventive Gift ideas

I for one am tired of getting winter gloves, socks, caps or scarves or other uncreative gifts of the kind. Sure, it’s the gesture that counts, but wouldn’t it be nicer to offer and to get (hint! hint!) unique gifts that really match the personality, interests and hobbies of the receiver? Put some thought into it, dear friends, don’t just buy anything that comes off-the-rack.

This year, my early Christmas gift for my husband was a surprise dinner served at noon (parents with babies and toddlers understand why), specially created by two MasterChef finalists in their own, recently opened gourmet restaurant.


We are both passionate about food and culinary art, my husband is even more passionate than I am, so for him to personally meet one of the Chefs we so much admired during the show and to enjoy a four-course haute cuisine meal, was a real surprise and a great gift. Not to mention, I enjoyed every minute of it too. It was like a double-gift.

The list can go on though…think cooking classes, dance classes, a private tour to a museum, concert tickets or…even better: something totally inexpensive done by you: a knitted scarf (just kidding, no more winter scarves!), a handwritten letter, a painting, a scrapbook with your best memories. Be creative and remember: if there’s a will, there’s certainly a (creative) way!

3. Happy Music with a Twist

Don’t get me wrong – I love Christmas carols, just not every single day/hour/minute of December.

For instance, this year I found a very happy Rio-inspired mix (thank you, Ana, for all the wonderful music!) and I played it while decorating the house and the Christmas tree.


Image source here

There’s such a nice feeling looking out the window to the snow outside and dancing on hot-summer beats. If interested, you can listen to the compilation here.

Anyway, traditional or funky, creative or conventional, I do wish you a merry, merry Christmas and hope you are all surrounded by love, happiness and inspiration.

See you soon!