The Happiness Jar

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

I hope each and every one of you have had a jolly, happy Christmas so far, filled with laughter, loved ones and a little magic!

Between long walks, cuddling sessions with baby girl, friends and family around the Christmas table and quality time with my parents, who joined us for baby’s first Christmas, I spotted this wonderful idea and immediately created what I called my “Happiness jar”, as there are so many things to be grateful for, in 2012 too.

I don’t want to sound too cheesy – though, remember I am a Zen-kind of gal, but if you come to think about it, this year also deserves its share of gratitude.


ideaImage source via tumbler

For me, this year was the best one so far! After a wonderful, happy pregnancy (morning sickness aside), this spring I gave birth to the one that has proved to be my best teacher so far: baby Clover. She is my muse and I can’t stop smiling and cheering for all the inspiration and love she brought into my life.

Then comes my husband, who is by far the coolest, smartest, most loving guy I know! For the last nine years, he has been my man on the front line, my partner, my true friend and lover. He was there for me through my darkest hours and my brightest days. I can’t thank him enough for our complicity, love, mutual respect and partnership (did I tell you we “ran off” some years ago for a sabbatical period, to travel the world and stayed one month in India? Hmm, I have to tell you that story someday!).

The list can surely go one with friends and family and I saved a special note of gratitude and infinite admiration for my parents who have always been my safety net no matter what.

And then life, of course, has had its own way of bringing those people in my life this year, which opened new doors for friendship, inspiration and closeness: Ana, Alina, Irina, Medine and the talented artists, Bec and Maria, are just the first names that spring to mind.

My Oscar acceptance gratitude speech for 2012 ends here, but not before I invite you to create your own “Happiness jar” to be opened and read in the first days of 2013.


Love is the answerImage source here

Think of all those wonderful people you’ve recently met and got inspired by, think of those special ones that are a constant in your life. Remember all those people who crossed your path this year and left you with the feeling that this life is worth living and that whatever you are going through right now, be it ups or downs, you are not alone in this world.

However, if you’re not a big fan of 2012 and can’t wait for the New Year to begin, why not create a special jar filled with your wishes, resolutions and plans for 2013?

Sometimes we just need some little reminders for the obvious truths in our lives, so why not count your blessings along with me?

See you soon!



P.S. Stay tuned: these days I’ll be sharing with you my *10 Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned from Special People this Year*.