Be careful what you wish for…

1It is that time of the year  – you know, right before the new year, when most of us compile a shorter or longer list of resolutions for the upcoming 12 months. Starting with the most common “I am going to quit smoking” or “I am going to lose those extra kilograms” to “I am going to change my line of work after 12 years” and “I am going to bungee jump for my birthday”.

So far I haven’t been courageous (read insane!) enough to complete my public presentation on the blog with more elements, but today, due to the rush of carbohydrates I have been diving into during Christmas, I’m in a fairly careless mood. So here it is: throughout my teens and early adulthood life experiences (thank you, introspection!) I came to be honest with myself and I mostly understood that (although they certainly cannot be added to a hirable resume) I possess the most essential qualities of a genuine drama queen – you know, selfish brat, neither the patient kind nor the Disney-like altruistic type, whilst generally wanting “it” all and wanting “it” on the spot. Thanking introspection again, every now and then I also got some hard-earned life-changing lessons which transformed me into a satisfactory grown-up version of myself. One of my top 5 life lessons would definitely be “be careful what you wish for, ’cause it just might happen”.

Silly, right? I mean why not? If one wants something, than it means he/she is prepared to have it! But then … how many times have I accomplished a task on my “to do list” just to be awkwardly puzzled and downright infuriated with what that accomplishment did not do, rather than content with what it actually did? Not to mention those times when, despite my best efforts and dedication, I still didn’t reach my objective. However, those very situations have enabled me to  learn a BIG lesson from… well, music, actually: as beloved Rolling Stones wisely stated in a favorite tune I used to play over and over again “You can’t always get what you want/ But if you try sometime, you just might find / You get what you need”. Oh, the many times that has made me come back to earth and pulled me out of unproductive self-pity abysses! I had most vital breakthroughs whilst pondering on the unexpected outcomes of failing to reach objectives, most of them related to my former subjective ideas on myself versus life’s realities.

What all my experiments with resolutions have taught me is: it turns out that most of the time wanting, the journey to achieving a goal, is much more interesting. It just keeps me in the “I have a purpose” attitude, in the hopeful day-dreaming I like to pompously call visualization techniques which enhance efforts to make “it” – whatever that may be – happen. Plus whenever I am after something I am quite oblivious to whatever else is around me, which turns into a major downfall afterwards, as that oblivion happens to transform into a strong shield which I then don’t want to let go. Childishly complicated.  And yeah, that’s why they call it growing up :).

Returning to this post’s main idea: if you’re wondering which are my resolutions for 2013, well…  I have none. I am done with resolutions. I do have wishes and I would like to improve my life, but I decided I will give up this war and just enjoy 2013. You know, keeping things simple, eliminating unnecessary complications, forgetting about that intense and vexatious indefatigability and aiming to live in the present moment rather than in an improbable future.


However, I do have a main aspiration which does not apply solely to the upcoming year, but to my general long-term well-being : wanting what I have instead of having what  I want. Shifting perspectives can be really enlightening at times :).