10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Special People This Year

thankyou1. La Principessa/ 2. Irina Markovits/ 3. Agatha Blanck

thank you21. Maria Dermengiu/ 2. Ana Morodan holding baby Clover/ 3. Medine Pop


Lesson # 1 from Bec Wonders: Create: Your ART. Your RULES. Your WAY!

Lesson # 2 from Agatha Blanck: Fairies are real. Look closer.

Lesson # 3 from Medine Pop: Not all those who protest are lost. Let your protest be heard. Keep it real, though!

Lesson #4 from Societe Cerebrossa: Storytelling jewellery is a form of art. Wear your story.

Lesson #5 from ♥ baby Clover ♥: Life is pure wonder. Keep wonder-ing*!

*pun intended


thank you 31. Bec Wonders/ 2. Holding hands with baby Clover/ 3. Societe Cerebrossa


Lesson #6 from Alina Duna: Embrace change everywhere. Even in the locker room.

Lesson # 7 from Maria Dermengiu: Paint your inner-self only with bright colors.

Lesson # 8 from Irina Markovits: True happiness is within you. Let yourself be happy!

Lesson # 9 from Ana Morodan: Self-confidence is priceless. For everything else there’s passion and hard work.

Lesson # 10 from Venom: Friendship means trust, respect, time, space and second chances. Friendship means Venom & Clover!


Bonus Lesson from la Principessa: To live happily, fully and truly sometimes means you have to take a chance and leave your raincoat home. Here is to a raincoat-free happy life!


Thank you all, for these valuable lessons and for the joy and privilege of having you in my life! I am most grateful!