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Dear friends,

As the New Year draws nearer and nearer (only a few hours away), we wanted to take a moment and say “Thank you” to each and every one of you, friends of Venom & Clover!

And though we don’t know many of you personally, we think of you as dear friends and so, we wholeheartedly wish you only the best of things and people in this upcoming year!

Thank you for being only one “click” away from us and yet so close in our hearts!


Here is our toast for you (spotted here):


To nearest
To dearest
To the crew
To cahoots
To the ones who’ve been there
To the ones who’ll be there
To dropping everything
To saying anything
To no judgments
To no doubts
To loyalty
To trust
To favors
To lifelongs
To been too long
To nothing’s changed
To having history
To having your back
To moving away
To never too far
To growing up
To settling down
To your second family
To friends

To celebrating the holidays with those who matter most.


Happy New Year, dear friends!


Venom & Clover