Best investment ever

As dust seems to settle on New Year’s celebrations, I feel that there are still plenty of positive vibes in the air these days, just the right amount to take an overdose of optimism and zenitude.

I am particularly hit inspired by the enthusiasm of new beginnings and the privilege of second chances, I am stuffed with arrogance courage in writing the script for the next 365 days and almost high from all those commitments and resolutions yet to be fulfilled, broken or changed in the days to come.

Joking aside, while enjoying a much appreciated moment of quietude this morning (you know those early winter mornings, when there seems to be no cars, no traffic, no one outside, just the shy shinning sun and the brisk air filling the morning atmosphere?) I thought of the best investment I made in life so far.

Out of nowhere (must be the caffeine rush), I realized that the best investment up to now was always in people, never in things or material possessions. The latter didn’t get me very far in comparison to the people I met along the way in my nearly 30 years of existence.


part ofImage spotted here/ Original image made by mollyinkenya


It was never the social status or assets or job titles that made me who I am, but the spontaneous or predestined, natural, everyday meeting of people who helped me discover, create and figure myself out. Needless to say, that the trigger and catalyst to my personal and professional evolution, to my constant lookout for wonders and magic, and emotional development are within these specific meetings and coexisting sequences.


invest in peopleOriginal image here


And from a deep and profound feeling of gratitude for those special people who have touched and influenced my life in so many ways, this year I will keep investing in people around me: I will nurture friendships, I will consolidate relationships, I will encourage genuine closeness and I will devote time and attention to those who seek it.

Now I would like to know: friends, what are some of your best investments in life?



P.S. In case you are wondering where all this comes from…I guess the book on auras that I’m currently reading has something to do with it (though I wouldn’t bet on it) – I’m just a Zen-biased gal. Hahaha, but no kidding!