There is something pink about new beginnings

After a pinkish childhood, a very happy one though, I’ve sworn off pink from my life and banned vibrant colors from my wardrobe, as I was, for many, many years in a too-cool-for-color kind of stage.

Years went by, I was all happy in my noir & neutrals world, till one day I sailed off for India (actually I took the plane, which doesn’t sound that romantic) with my husband, a trip both of us shall never forget, as it was the craziest thing we ever did so far… One day we decided to leave our high-maintenance regarded jobs and put our business suits in the back of our closets and just…travel the world and enjoy life. For a year!

And there it was – in one blessed gadget-free, make-up free, carefree month, we visited more than 22 cities and had private one-to-ones with freedom, zenitude and…color.


DSC06210© Image by Clover


India was is the place I would always want to return to, but not because I had some sort of yoga-levitation-kind-of-breakthrough while being there (I don’t even practice yoga…though I think it should be on my list this year!), but because I miss it – so much, that I can’t even put it into words, it’s something organic and magic and it’s in my veins and most likely in my DNA as well. You see, I realized upon our return, that India is above all, a state of mind.

And while I’m really off track here, talking about the beautiful India of my soul, I remember my intention was to write about colors and the shades of pink I find in new beginnings. You must excuse me, but daydreaming is one of my special skills.

Within the last days of 2012 I bought a pink-fuchsia cardigan I can’t seem to get enough of (my childhood friend will suffer a panic attack if she reads this) and this year I set off buying bio products containing rose essential oil (48 hours ago I couldn’t even stand rose perfume, let alone rose essential oil), pink shimmer pearls and a “Lovely raspberry” lip balm. Strange, right? Not that strange actually: I think my temporary pink blackout has something to do with the typical new beginnings-new-era-new-life episode I’m experiencing during the first days of the new year.


Pink parade by CloverCollage made by Clover featuring the pink cardigan & baby Clover’s pink solidarity outfit


I can see how pink beginnings remind me of India, as in an unconscious mind-twisting way they invite me to experience once again that supreme feeling of liberation, adventure and power to create and live my dreams, in the year to come. Yes, I see it now – hopes and dreams are blissfully rose-colored, so let them have their pink parade!

Just to bring my feet down to earth from my fluffy cotton candy cloud, I bought All Hollow as well (Ana, the Countess is the reason why) – a noir, brutally honest, cool and creative, no bulls%@t magazine. It’s a keeper, I must say!

Friends, what are the colors of your beginnings? I would love to know!

See you soon!