Pain, documentaries and drugs


For the last few days, I ‘ve been on the pain journey again (and let me just say a biiiig thank you to whomever invented painkillers!). The reason is irrelevant – nothing horrid, just plain old stupid carelessness and being not quite young anymore. It’s a bummer – this is certainly not how I imagined I would be spending the last few days of my winter holiday 😦

And yet, when carefully built plans come crushing down, they make room for new ones 🙂 So I used these several days to make real an old dream of mine and indulged in watching some of the documentaries on my wish list, namely:

And let me tell you, I had a blast! I certainly don’t want to feel sick again, but I definitely will be making documentary marathons a constant of my free time agenda and will include them more often in my film diet. Not only are they captivating, but they also provide the opportunity to acquire knowledge on interesting matters. Furthermore, I really needed  a break from the false soap-opera-ish drama of the fiction films, so I welcomed the good dose of real life that the documentaries supply.

I do hope you started the year in good health and spirits 🙂 – or… well, we’ll always have documentaries!