The sweet taste of slow

It’s been quiet and peaceful around here: baby Clover is on a mission snatching everything within reach, crawling and sharing smiles and slobbery kisses, me fully indulging in me-time and remorseless sleeping in – thanks to my husband, the modern Superman of my life.

{Later edit} OMG! Venom, I love you for introducing me to this song! It’s on mega repeat!


We’ve spent the first days of 2013 in a sweet slow-motion mode, enjoying home-cooked delicious meals, long walks and philosophical twaddle (I’m the blabbermouth) and having one too many glasses of red wine in the evening. Life is good and so is this well-deserved vacation.

Starting January 7th life will pick up its natural course, but until then I’ll just work my magic around here, as a proud member of The International Institute of Not Doing Much.

In a nutshell I am and will be…


slow-food-snailImage source here



Comfort food – rich in calories, yet so scrumptiously fitting




  • Sleeping in
  • Quiet mornings
  • Phone switched off
  • Slobbery kisses from baby Clover


Silky satin pj pants and the pink cardigan


What are you up to these days? Whatever it is, I do hope you will take it slow!

See you soon!