In love with a city

I was talking the other day to Dhaniel, this amazing guy I know (soon to be featured on Venom & Clover). He too is from Ardeal and before moving to Bucharest he was warned by most people he knew, that Bucharest is this mean, cold place, where people treat you badly and it’s nearly impossible to make a happy living.

And we both agreed that they were so wrong in their assumptions and grey predictions, as Bucharest is what the States seem to be to the rest of the world: a place of infinite possibilities.

My story with Bucharest is first of all, a love story.


Old Bucharest 4


Sure, we started off kind of rough (my fault 100%) – you see, on the train from my hometown to Bucharest, I cried non-stop: 2 and a half hours of endless tears and sorrow. I wasn’t scared of it, no, it wasn’t that, it was just that I left my whole universe as far as I knew it behind me, plus a loving family and childhood friends.

But after living here for more than 10 years now, I can say this out loud, in all seriousness and sincerity: Bucharest is the city that welcomed me with open arms and accepted me even before I accepted myself, no questions asked and no strings attached. And whenever I hear someone making an acid comment about Bucharest, I smile to myself and think that they do not know it yet, that maybe they just didn’t have a good chance to discover its spirit or it may have been karma simply it may just not be the right place for them to settle.


Old Bucharest 2

Old Bucharest 3


Surely, there are prettier cities in the world, larger or smaller, cleaner and safer, with better infrastructure and wider sidewalks, with bigger, greener parks and lower degrees of decibels, but they are nothing in comparison to the place I now call home.

For me, Bucharest is not just a postal address: it’s the place where I met myself. In a labyrinth of events and years, this is the city that gave me a shot to find true happiness.

And even though I truly admire Paris, it is his younger brother that I’m in love with – Bucharest, aka Little Paris!

See you soon,







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