Sweet imprisonment and dancing elephants

Baby Clover is very busy these days!

She doesn’t let me get out of sight even for a prrrecious second and I’m pretty sure her round-the-clock energy has something to do with the breakfast her dad is serving her every morning.I have well-substantiated suspicions to believe that he is adding some coffee, probably a shot of espresso, besides milk and baby cereals.

All day long yesterday, this happy-moody gal told me endless stories in her baby “baba-dada-mama” (huh???) language and warned me with an intimidating look to pay attention or else.

So I’ve been trying to explain to her nicely that we both need our time alone, to enjoy whatever we want to do during the day (at least for 10 minutes), but she wouldn’t have it. That fearful stare was still there – with what felt like an eagle-eye-kind-of-look she stared me down reading my mind and catching en flagrant délit that foolish thought I been having, to leave her playing by herself, in her room. What was I thinking dealing with this clever mind reader, this 6th sense possessor, teething baby? How foolish and idealistic of me!




Okay, since I was the prisoner of my 7 months old daughter (no biggie) I thought maybe I could win her heart and bribe her for a sweet moment of silence by reading her stories.

And there, sitting on my Indian multicolored pillows, surrounded by a multitude of children’s books, is where I was remembered that foxes could be anything they wanted in life – even very talented photographers, elephants could join their forces to form a dancing pyramid and turtles could intensely train for the Giro d’Italia bicycle race.

What a world of infinite possibilities, of (un)revealed secrets, of life-saving solutions, of surprisingly answered existential questions, of magic and happy endings and learned lessons.

Reading children’s stories brings an unexpected shimmer of hope and easily shifts our perspective on life, offering a more optimistic outlook and a contagious will to seek and believe in magic. After all (yes, I know, you’re sick of hearing me say this, but please let me say it one more time): “Magic is something we create.”

But do not listen to me…I’m all high from all that fairy dust!

At one point baby Clover fell asleep (hallelujah! sweet moment of silence!) so the Little Prince came along  to keep me company, as I paid a visit to Gebrüder Grimm and for the first time in my life, I was so, so glad to accept and embrace my imprisonment. I surrender and ask for more.

See you soon. I hear the Little Mermaid calling.

No, it’s not her!!! It’s baby Clover, my little soprano.




books-collage 2


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