Pieces of Advice

Rise and shine everyone! Hope you had a good weekend!

I recently spotted this great list of various, common sense pieces of advice here and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! Below, I will add some advice of my own.


Pieces of Advice Every Adult Wishes They Got in their Mid-Twenties

~ Original list created by The Angry Therapist ~


  • Don’t worry about where or who you’re going to be in five years. Like high school, you’re going to look back and wish you had done so many things differently.
  • Know that and do them differently now.
  • Focus on what’s in front on you.
  • Work on the relationship you have with yourself first.
  • Slow down.
  • Enjoy today.
  • It’s okay to not know.
  • Eat alone in restaurants.
  • Stop trying to prove something.
  • Seek growth instead of validation.
  • Shatter your veneer.
  • Be heard.
  • Draw boundaries.
  • Pull from your Solid Self as much as you can.
  • Sweat.
  • Process (get therapy).
  • Travel.
  • Don’t compartmentalize people.
  • Love fearlessly, even though you’ve been crushed before.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Eat clean.
  • Toss your scale.
  • Pull yourself out of the victim position.
  • Exercise your forgiveness muscle (you will need this).
  • Don’t be concerned with what others think of you.
  • Step out of line and jump into life, yours.
  • Accept your story.
  • Don’t chase paper.
  • Seek truth.
  • Be patient.

How great are these! I mean, my God, I wish I knew and accepted some of these simple truths before slamming my head against the wall while growing up.


Now here are some personal words of wisdom I learned both the easy and the hard way. I plan to pass them on to baby Clover as well:

  • The Law of Karma is non-discriminatory – in other words, that means your good aaand bad deeds are included as well, not just those of others.
  • Cultivate your relationships – the most important relationship you may want to invest your time and attention in, is the one you have with yourself.  It’s a lifelong relationship that one.
  • A bad beginning has a good chance (50%) of ending well – I once hit a tram while driving to a meeting – yes, really – and became friends with the tram driver hours later after the incident. She was a lady, not a guy, and I was pregnant with baby Clover so stop laughing! Hahaha, it’s funny, I admit!
  • Cut people some slack – we all fight our battles, so you never know what kind of tribulations others may be going through. Be kind and give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t take everything so personal.
  • Do things differently – shifting perspectives may bring you a world of unexpected good.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of “I’m sorry!”, nor that of  “I love you!” in the middle of a fight. – Make sure you use the latter with people you know (*perfect strangers or the guy you’ve been yelling at for the last 10 minutes for a parking spot do not qualify!)


And on a funnier note – these are mainly reminders to myself:

  • Never, but never again, let yourself get carried away by browsing through art posts and websites while you have something cooking on the stove. Next time, it may cost you more than a burned pan 🙂
  • Never again watch a mouth-watering cooking show in the middle of the night, when you’re hungry and there’s nothing to nibble on in the fridge house.

Stay tuned: I cornered Venom to write down her pieces of advice and she agreed (I used my fearful stare!). Next Monday you’ll get the real stuff: our favorite gal brings out the big guns.

Until then, I would really like to know: what are some of your top pieces of advice?



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