What made you smile today S01/E02

I’ve been a fan of Ana’s blog ever since I started reading online something else besides financial news and business reports.

She is pure delight this one – she’s smart and witty and to top it all off she has the sincerest smile ever. But what I love most about her is her “realness factor”…such a rare and much desired quality in these crazy modern times. So over the weekend we just had time to catch up (virtually speaking) and couldn’t help but ask our favorite Countess: “What made you smile today?”.

Ana, as you know her – warm, charming and blissfully inspiring, had just the right answers in hand.

Take a look!


These ivy covered steps from a 19th century house made me smile.

Ana© Claudiu Enescu


My friend Delia was freezing taking my picture outside her house, the dogs were having fun and her son Eric was covered in snow waiting for us. We smile each time we remember that day.

Ana 2© Delia Robescu


I smile each time I remember how much fun I had with Serban* on our first trip.

Ana 3© Serban Cristea


Last summer I spent a week in a slow living village. I learned to marvel and smile when looking at the small details of daily life.

Ana 4© Serban Cristea


* Serban is a very cool guy and Ana’s knight in a shiny armor classy tuxedo.

**All images are courtesy of Ana Morodan. Please kindly, do not use them without prior consent of the owner.