7 Things on Wednesday

Craig Green Collage


Emerald Green Collage


Write your own story 2



Easy Cake


1. Wearable: The Cool-ness Factor of Craig Green

2. Colorable: Emerald Green Color Craving

3. Frameable: “Write your own story”  Hand Screen Printed Poster by Antonin + Margaux

4. Viewable: A Peek Inside the Notebook of Marilyn Monroe

5. Quotable: This Week’s Inspiring Quote

6. Delectable: Scrumptious Chocolate Cake

7. Mega Repeatable: (Thanks again, Dhaniel!)


P.S. Trying to make some collages on my own. This is my NR. 1273747 attempt….it only took me like two hours. Patience is a virtue boring!



*Due credits: Craig Green pictures here; Marilyn Monroe’s diary here; Emerald green wall here, bow here, door via; Quote via; Chocolate cake recipe & photo here; Printed poster here. *Featured image by Jason de Caires Taylor