What made you smile today? S01/E03

Ohh, this is a special one we have here! Actually two special guests – Medine and her reason to smile, the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mr. Mick Jagger!

Answering my nagging  innocent question “What made you smile today?”, Medine had a delicious four-paws answer in store for me: “Mick Jagger & Co.”

And in an instant (and some great pictures later), it has brought me here to admit in front of you all, that it was coupe de foudre. Mick Jagger, it’s true, I heart you!


Baby Mick Jagger

Baby Mick Jagger


The Prime Suspect

Never busted though, from what I hear.

Caught in the act


A man of the world: Mick Jagger en style.

“Just something casual I pulled out of the closet this morning…”

Mick Jagger en style


Killer smile!

Made me smile too!

Mick Jagger's smile


* All pictures are taken by Medine & are image property of Mick Jagger