Of friends and doves: introducing Daphne

Daphne and I have been friends for a couple of seasons now.

She is this beautiful, classy dove, I had the pleasure of observing on several days and occasions. Daphne walks elegantly, like a true ballerina, by my window and observes me too.

Sometimes she even lets me get a glimpse of her sweethearts – one day it’s Gérard, one day it’s the other fellow I don’t have a name for. I trust her with her sentimental choices and she trusts me enough to pass by my window daily, for a frugal snack and a quick casual conversation.


Daphne 6

Daphne & Gérard | Summer 2012

Our friendship is non-demanding and non-intrusive, tacit and verbally undeclared. We respect our boundaries – in all honesty, I’m afraid of touching birds, ever since I got into an unsolicited fight with a rooster, as a child – and just enjoy our “no-strings-attached” relationship.

And when we face each other and our eyes meet for a nanosecond, the world stands still for that precious moment and I understand perfectly that everything in life is connected and that friendship is not limited, by any means, solely to mankind.

See you soon,


P.S. Today I’m on low profile mode, just a hanging out with the happiest gal in town, aka baby Clover, and her loving daddy. I’m wearing my pj pants as a pretext statement piece for my low-profile-ness and abandoning, just for today, all social media. Bon weekend à tous!

{Later Edit} My oh my, look who popped by to say “Hello” just now… Mademoiselle Daphne herself!