The Heart of Authenticity

I met Simona last year, in one of the sweetest places out there – in a cupcakery, while taking a stroll with baby Clover on a sunny Saturday morning. We instantly clicked and talked a bit about our passions and that was when Simona told me about her beautiful project:

It was on that precise day that I mentally decided it was time to launch this blog with Venom dearest and just put all insecurity and doubt regarding my writing, behind me. Simona comes off like a sincere, open-minded, open-hearted person and I’m so happy that she accepted my invitation to do this interview.


From nature


Hello, Simona! And thank you for doing this!

1. Your project – – is something I was happy and eager to discover. What is the story behind the project and how did it start?

First of all I want to thank you, Clover, for taking time to ask me these questions.  As you know, I care a lot about this little project and I easily mention it whenever I get the chance. The story behind it is a long one.

It all started after attending an event called “Show us your Romania” which inspired me, where I listened how expats in our country enjoy living and discovering the so many wonderful things here.  I was also inspired by some brief spontaneous conversations I had with foreigners.  I remember that once I attended a dinner with someone from Belgium, and he asked me more about Romania.  At that time, I couldn’t get myself to tell him about some important or interesting things about my own country. And I did feel bad about it. So I decided somehow to pay more attention to what I live and have here, in Romania, to discover beautiful things worth talking about and to integrate all this into a website in my own authentic Romanian style 🙂 This is how started.

2. Where does this lookout for authenticity, for Romanian authenticity that is, come from?

Interesting question…Romanian authenticity 🙂 comes from every human being who lives in this country. But more correctly said, from every human being who knows himself well, knows the history of his country, of his blood.

We have had so many great people in our history, which left a positive mark and I think that we should cherish and remember them, not forget them, and try to reach the same level of excellence through our own unique skills. Few of them are mentioned here, mentioned also here and lots of them still remain unknown.


History Museum


3. What is your relation with your readers? What was one of the best compliments you received about your posting activity on

My relation with my readers is a transparent one. I don’t receive that many comments, but that is not my objective precisely. I only want to give and to leave something lasting and valuable behind me, something that offers a moment of relaxation and which adds value to those who spent some minutes reading my articles. I also have another full-time job, and when I take a break from work, I also like to read interesting things, written in a positive manner. What we read influences us and I want to influence others in a good and valuable way, if I can.

Regarding the compliments, besides the usual ones, that this website is a good initiative, I received a wise quote, from a nice person addressed to my activity: “In every authentic human being lives a child. This child is the immortal creator in him”. It truly impressed me.

4. Which articles are you particularly proud of?

I don’t think of one article in particular; each of them has something special, as each and everyone I interviewed for, has something special. I love to discover people, but only those who are open to this. I don’t like to force someone to tell their story. I like things to be natural. Everything flows in its own rhythm 🙂

5. Name 3 things that are currently of interest to you.

To name 3 things that interest me…. I’m interested in people, in creating connections between people and in the beautiful aspects of our universe and by this I mean: our families, our beautiful emotions, our way of being and our will and desire to create a better world.




6. Where do you turn for inspiration?

I find inspiration in nature, in art, in the stories of people I meet (be it kids, grown-ups or elders), in divinity and in each little event that is happening to me on a daily basis. Spontaneous things – like our meeting for example – it was not planned, it just happened.

7. Who are some artists whose work you admire?

I admire Constantin Brancusi very much, he transmitted so many wonderful things through his work…and sadly, he was more appreciated and celebrated in Paris, than in our country. I find it very sad that we do not cherish the people who are next to us. We need strangers to do that for us….

This is also my mission with, to write so that I can inspire people to look more carefully and to observe the ones next to them. We have so many special talents in our country; we just have to find them, to discover them and to promote them, so that they can represent us as a nation in front of the whole world.

I admire artists in general, artists who transmit beautiful emotions through their work, like George Enescu in music, Dan Puric in acting and rhetoric, and many, many others in their artistic fields.

8. What do you do when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I listen to music, I read about positive things, like your beautiful blog, I attend nice events, I talk on the phone to my parents  and visit them when I have the time, I laugh with my brother, I meet up with my friends, I talk to new people in my life,   I do sports, I   travel whenever I can (depending on my financial budget),  like a conclusion: I enjoy LIFE :). And also when I’m working I enjoy life. In all my professional experiences I had and still have a positive approach, I’m not complaining, I just work with a kind of inner joy.

9. Do you subscribe to any mantras or mottoes?

I don’t have a particular motto; maybe just “Enjoy life!”

I deeply believe that we are travelers on Earth and that each of us has a purpose and a mission in this life. We must discover ourselves, enjoy our unique gifts and live in harmony with each other the years that each of us are given to live.




10. What is something you are looking forward to this year?

This year I look forward for things to happen! 🙂

I cannot exactly name something, as each year I look forward to live beautiful experiences in all aspects of my life.  I believe that there is something greater than me that guides me to avoid certain experiences or to live others in order to learn something out of it. I hope this year it will be just about good experiences 🙂

Thank you so much, Simona, for your time!

Friends, be sure to take a look at Simona’s beautiful website here or even say “Hello” here.




*All images are courtesy of Simona Florea