Thrifting: An affair of character

I’ve been treasure hunting lately, spending all my free time scooping the best vintage finds out there.

My head spins, my eyes ache, but my heart sings with joy! I’m a modern thrifter, a flea market devotee and an unstoppable raider of thrifted goodies. During my pregnancy with baby Clover this was my most adored activity round the clock.

You see, I find thrifting to be one of the best time machines ever!

In all honesty, I’m very far from being a vintage connoisseur.  But if there’s a good, heart-warming story behind it, I’m all yours. And so is my budget. You may have noticed it by now: I am one big sucker for (love/life) stories. My husband calls me “The Perfect Marketing Victim”. Haha! He works in Marketing!


Wooden-Hill-scarvesImage source here


Anyway, with my upcoming 30 years birthday around the corner – yes, the big 30 – I have just the perfect pretext to start looking for hidden treasures and give them a new home. My own.

So if I’m on silent, low-profile mode these days, be sure you’ll find me somewhere in a treasure chest, thrift shop or better yet, in someone’s closet. I’ll be trying out and resuscitating garments from past decades, listening to stories and drilling holes into my minimalist budget.

Friends, what are you up to these days?



WoodenImage source here


* Title of the post inspired by this quote: “Thrift is not an affair of the pocket, but an affair of character.”  ~S.W. Straus

** Featured image: source here