Nostalgia District

Truth must be told: this grey, vague weather outside makes me question my Zen side. It seems I’ve somehow turned into a member of the Nostalgia League and though I try to put on a happy face, it just doesn’t work for now.

Not to worry though: I got a full arsenal to overcome my moody blues and an ace up my sleeve, so bittersweet melancholy be aware! Yesterday was all about comfort food – French onion soup – and long walks and talks with my sweetest gal. Did I mention baby Clover has two bottom teeth by now? She proudly presents them while smiling and cheering and that makes my heart melt.




Today is about decadent chocolate treats, reading – inspirational stuff via Seth Godin (I really like this guy!)– and  feel-good music on mega repeat. Later in the evening, I plan to put my silk pajamas to good work, make some popcorn and watch old movies. I’m thinking All about Eve and Rear Window.  Hope it works!

If not, I just read Gretchen Rubin’s tip to instantly boost your energy by jumping. So, if nothing else works, I’ll be jumping around the house like a crazy one, to the exasperation of my neighbors (just kidding! my neighbors are really nice people).

Friends, I would like to know – what are your tricks to kick nostalgia out of your agenda?

See you soon,


P.S. Here is Gretchen’s idea (find out more about being Happier at Home):

“To boost my energy level, I make sure to get enough sleep, to get some exercise, to keep clutter at a reasonable level, to tackle nagging tasks before they drive me crazy, and so on.

But sometime we all crash.

Here’s a secret tip. If you need a quick, easy jolt of energy, right away, all you have to do is—jump. Jump up and down, do jumping jacks by your desk, run down the stairs, hop over a puddle. There’s something goofy and childlike about jumping, and getting both feet off the ground gives a shot of energy and good cheer immediately.”

{Later Edit} Whoaaa, look what I spotted here. How awesome is this kid! I think I’m getting my Mojo back! Yes, Sir!


*Due image credits:  1 / featured image/all images by Petrina Tinslay