It’s the little things

It’s no secret, as I whined about it yesterday, that I’ve been a bit under the weather.

However, today is a new day: I’m better and I can almost feel I got my swing back (not completely, but I’m getting there soon). Life was kind enough to send some sweet gestures and nice people my way, so that added a load of bright colors to my greyish disposition.

For instance, I got 10% off of an online purchase just because the owner found out that I was buying the item for myself, to mark my 30 years anniversary. Then someone else offered me a beautiful accessory for free, out of pure generosity.




A very dear friend of mine called me out of the blue just when I most needed to hear his voice and gave me a funny pep talk -he’s a very busy guy, but he took the time between his business meetings to give me enough energy and tell me a gazillion jokes to laugh about the whole day.

Not to mention my heart-to-heart conversation with Venom the other day, who was brilliant and had just the right answers for me and a much needed shoulder to lean on.

And to all that, I’ll add the morning singing of baby Clover, like the sweetest little soprano that she is and the warm, multiple bear hugs from my husband. Plus the unbeatable happiness-catalyst-trio: music, flowers and books. Did I also mentioned chocolate?

Life is good and once again it has been proved that it’s the little things, the small acts of kindness and special people in our lives that make the biggest difference!

Let’s drink to that! This  Winter Sun Cocktail looks just great! Cheers!

Wishing you a happy long weekend,



*Due image credits: featured image here, spotted via swissmiss1