Guilty Little Pleasures



Wake up, shower, put on some make up, run to the office and work like hell, resist pressure, ignore bossy colleagues, run some errands, hurry home and consider eating a late dinner or staying lean and healthy and just dab at a few lettuce leaves, get into the shower and remembering that I once again forgot to buy shower gel and realizing that there is no more tooth paste, go to bed. Repeat daily.  Well, several weeks of this and a trip to the psychiatric ward is 77% guaranteed.

So OK, let’s be open here: what would life be without those several (all riiight, more like a dozen) of guilty little pleasures? Who doesn’t have a secret list, shamefully hidden from the public eye, of things that make life easier and nicer in this manic, fast-paced world? You know, the ones that sometimes help us take the edge off a crazy day, when we are so exasperated by pressure and just feel like giving up and throwing a tantrum.

As I gave up smoking several years ago in my attempt to live a healthy life, my secret list comprises fairly inoffensive items. But as I couldn’t reveal my entire secret list (Gosh, imagine people knowing my temporary obsession for chick lit! ) on this blog without moving to a foreign country and changing my name, I decided to compile a more… respectable summary of my guilty little pleasures. So here you are:




  • TV series: They may not have earned an Emmy or another precious award, but they certainly help me get my Mojo back: Relic Hunter, Ghost Whisperer, Murder She Wrote, Castle, Diagnostic: Murder are on top of my list.
  • Harry Potter: what can I say, I’m IN LOVE with that world! It’s simply magic! 🙂
  • Mystery novels: Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rodica Ojog Brasoveanu will always be on my favorites’ list. I have read them in my childhood and teen years, and rediscovered some of them in my early adulthood, finding new meanings and ideas in their artfully written pages. When I get my hands on a good mystery book I haven’t read so far I don’t need either sleep or food :).
  • Pastries (especially Danish and French – oh, don’t get me started!): Clover and I share this one and I so miss our brunches or impulsive mid-afternoon trips at Paul’ s on a busy crazy day at the office!




And as we have been talking about shared pleasures, Clover dearest and I also always enjoy a trip to the cosmetics and beauty section of drug stores and exploring book and stationery stores.

  • DIY: I am a maniac of hand-made projects – necklaces, brooches, bracelets, modifying and embellishing clothes, you name it! My latest obsession was knitting.
  • Pinterest: I’m addicted! It’s my collection of dreams, my deposit of ideas, plans, tutorials, recipes, so on and so forth.
  • Etsy: should I elaborate? I mean it’s just…. wonder-world! Clover is passionate about it, too!
  • Looking into people’s bathroom cabinets (oh, OK, now all my friends will know and they will seal their bathroom cabinets when I’m paying a visit).

Truth be told, these guilty little pleasures – a part of which now is no longer secret to the world – have helped me through some pretty rough days. I pamper and indulge myself , even though I know it’s puerile and that I should face life without crotches. But well, then… my purpose in life is not to be perfect :).

So friends, come out, what are your secret guilty pleasures?

Have a great week, everyone!



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