Waiting for a sign

I am a signs seeker. An intuition lover and a magic believer. I trust my gut feeling, I ask for signs and look for them. I ask for miracles and truly live them.

Starting with the last months of 2012 my heart longed for writing, my mind warned me to be careful, my intuition said to follow my dreams. I listened to the latter. So together with Venom we embraced this opportunity and started this blog – the home of our most inner thoughts. And while I’m still enjoying my time off raising baby Clover, my heart yearns for more writing and creative stuff.


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Two weeks ago, I looked for my January horoscope via Susan Miller. I truly believe in the marvelous gift of free will and in the power of shaping up our own universe; however, from time to time, I take a peek at what stars may have in store for me. Susan Miller’s website is the place for me. There is where I read that the stars are just in the right alignment for me (and for the other billion Pisces out there) to start off a new project involving creative writing and social media. It was also stated that I should look and trust a more experienced person, a friend who intrigues me and inspires me from a spiritual point of view. Okay, strike one!

Last week, I was going through my Pictures folder on my laptop, and stopped for a minute to take a look at a beautiful friend of mine.  Before that, I opened a drawer and found a necklace I received as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law.

Jack Keouac

I spontaneously put it on, as I find myself simply obsessed with different shades of green these days. Okay, so while wearing the necklace and looking at the picture of my friend, I received a phone call. In less than 30 seconds the exact friend I was looking at called me. To keep it mysterious short, I’ll only say that she wanted me to join her for a project (something I never done before) that involves, as you are right to presume, creative writing from my part. Strike two!

Bursting with happiness, I immediately agreed and even mentioned her about the picture I was looking at when she called me. We laughed and agreed it was a sign. I hang up the phone and went to tell my husband about the funny little event and even remembered what Susan Miller summarized in my January horoscope.


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“It all feels right! I feel I should just do it!” I said to myself before the pragmatic avalanche of questions and doubts had a chance to take over my mind. And on my way to the kitchen, I passed by a mirror and stopped. Life was sending me yet another sign – what was I wearing? A necklace of green gemstones. They carry the same name as my friend does.

What about you, friends? Are you a fluffy-cloud walker like I am?

See you soon!



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