Sweet Birthday Girl

My oh my, three birthdays in a row!

My little one turns 9 months today! Her daddy and I are most proud of her and dedicated the whole weekend to our little love bundle.

Baby Clover is one happy, (now) two socks missing, three-teethed, knows-it-all, grabbing-all curious gal. She’s enamored with stripes and polka dots, and loves chewing on tags and on a particular Alphonse Mucha art album.

I realized talking to Venom the other day, that not only did this little one bring lots and lots of love and happy times into my life, but she has the splendid gift of making me feel more self-confident, more responsible and self-reliant than I ever was. And whenever I feel the wind of self-consciousness blowing, I think of her and ask myself how I want my daughter to perceive and remember me.

It’s like her very own existence brings out the best in me.


sweet one


It makes me project the greatest vision of myself and gives me wings to actually become that vision – which I must say, is pretty amazing! And while I go on with my daily life, everything I do (even stupid little things like choosing what dress to wear) and say is touched and influenced by how I want her to remember us.

And while we are at it: I hope that baby Clover remembers her early childhood as filled with love and music and colors and happiness. I can only hope and trust that she will forever know that she is so much loved and respected.

I hope she will remember all the laughter, the cuddling sessions, the multitude of books she’s been snatching and kissing, the DIY never-ending projects and our long walks and talks. The (every) Saturday cake backing. My perfume. Her daddy dancing with her on our wedding valse. The bedtime stories. Our happy morning babble “over coffee”. My not-so-talented singing. Her daddy bringing us girls flowers every Sunday. Our Sunday morning stroll to the farmer’s market. My weird cool straw basket. Her dad’s funny faces. His continuous lectures on spices and herbs. Our mutual passion for cooking. Our goofy dancing episodes just to hear her laugh again and again.

It’s like in a way, she turned into our quality of life barometer. And I must say, from where I’m standing, life is a blissfully charmed journey!

P.S. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are two more sweet girls I want to wish a very special “Happy Birthday” to: my dearest friend, Julie and to our witty, well-spoken Medine.


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