Accepting Valentine’s Day

I never thought I would sit one day in front of my computer bursting with eagerness to write a pro-Valentine’s Day or pro-Love Day post.

Up until now, I was not against the holiday itself or the meaning of it, but more against the fact that it was imported and felt well…fake to me as a Romanian, not to mention my natural aversion against foolish consumerism.

I even recently commented on a fellow blogger’s post, that for me it was more important to celebrate love all the 365 days of the year and not to focus only on one day, when the whole world goes over the top with hearts and red and pink and cards and love declarations.


My love is for life


So here is what happened yesterday: I’ve been in an upbeat mood the whole day, until one point in the afternoon, when in less than 5-10 minutes I felt sick and dizzy: I sensed all my energy draining from my body, my head was spinning, in fact I felt the whole room was spinning.

If that’s not that scary for an adult, for an adult taking care of a baby in perpetuum mobile, trust me: it’s scary!

I called my husband who was in the middle of a meeting, asking him if he could only come a bit earlier than usual from work. I didn’t want to scare him, but after nearly 9 years of marriage my husband can skilfully detect the various tones of my voice and give them the right meaning.



 ~ * * ~

heart 2


You know how for a sick one, time seems to elapse in verrrry slow motion, but this time my dear one was home in the blink of an eye. I suspect he somehow teleported himself home.

Anyway, here comes the sweet part: after checking upon me, bringing me effervescent vitamins to boost my low/ very-low energy level, he took baby Clover for a walk, so I got to rest and sleep for 3 whole hours.

When I woke up in the evening, they were playing in the kitchen, dinner was cooked and the table set, just waiting for me. And while I kissed them and thanked them, he took something out of a bag: a bright colored, ethnic scarf (you know I looove scarves) and a shiny red heart-shaped lollipop. He said that this was a “Feel better” gift and little preview for Valentine’s Day.

And in that moment, those gestures coming out of pure love and kindness and generosity made the whole world turn pink (yes! pink!) and red and heart-shaped. What more can one ask in this life than to love and to be loved back?

So, yes, for the first time ever, I’ll be looking forward to Valentine’s Day and Dragobete (the Romanian version) and for each and every day that celebrates and prays for LOVE.

Dear LOVE, I love you!




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