Daydreaming of Brazil

It’s been crazy town around here! This weekend has been a wild ride with baby Clover teething, showing her wild side – all moody and grumpy, chores adding up to the ceiling, toys and baby’s socks everywhere to be seen, the wash machine running 24/7. Well, not what you call a relaxing weekend, that’s for sure!

In the middle of all hustle and bustle, I created an oasis and started dreaming of Brazil. Never been there though, but I’m dreaming of it. I even started painting it. It features only bright colors (yellow, green, a dash of magenta) and when it’s ready, I’ll show it to you.

The waves, the long wide beaches, the sunny weather, the smiling people. The music. The freedom. The vacation feeling.






I’m dreaming of flip-flops. Of sun bathing. Of tuning up to samba vibes. Dancing on bossa nova rhythms. Drinking água de coco. Taking snapshots of baby Clover on the beach. Walking down the shore holding her little hand. Making silly faces with my husband. Visiting the local fresh markets and buying exotic fruits. Tasting Brazil’s flavors. Reading on the beach and extra sleeping in the morning. Having an impromptu picnic at sunset. Listening to Antônio (Tom) Jobim’s soft whispers. Finally meeting The Girl from Ipanema.

I find there is something soothing about dreaming of never-been places, of immersing yourself  into the beauty of an unknown universe with the help of music. Just close your eyes for a minute and listen to this great song below. What (places) are you dreaming of ?

I already feel recharged with positive energy, just enough to last for a whole new week! My last twenties week! Have a great one, friends!



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