The Magnificent 30’s

Tomorrow is the Day! My very special day!

I always thought I will have and want a big, over the top, exuberant party. That was me in my early and mid twenties. Those things were important to me then. Today I choose differently.

I choose to have six people at the table, myself included.

My parents – which represent my past, my roots, my safety net, my cheering “group”. My husband – my present, my better half, my love, my leaning shoulder. My best friend – my mirror, my confident. And last, but certainly not least, my future: my sweetest, dearest baby Clover, the queen of my heart and my raison d’être.

Past, Present and Future. All reunited to celebrate LIFE and LOVE and TIME.

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow I’ll let go of all fears and self-constructed limitations. I’ll say farewell to the Past – it has taught me well. It has brought me where I stand today and I am most thankful for that.

Tomorrow I will seek my inner child, the little one I used to be and kiss her on the forehead. And when nobody’s looking I’ll whisper softly: “You have done well for yourself. You should be proud! Now have some cake, will you? It’s your favorite kind!”

Tomorrow I will embrace my 30 years and hold them really tight in my arms. I will say “Thank you!” to Life itself. And make a promise: this new decade will be the best one so far! I am ready now!

I raise my glass: to Life!



* Due image credits: Beautiful birthday cake & all images via Lulu’s Sweet Secrets This lady is awesome & talented!