The days are long, but the years are short

This morning I was inspired to write a post about my mother. You see, the birthday celebrations go on in our lives and on our blog – today is my mother’s turn. Today it’s her birthday!

I saw this short movie via Gretchen Rubin and it really moved me. I thought of all those years of love, of unconditional love, of care and affection, of all those years of attention, of commitment and emotional support. Those years went by in an instant. I became a mother myself and now it’s my turn to shower my baby daughter with those exact gifts my mother offered me my whole life.


By being a mother, have I come to understand the unexplainable, magical, unbounded relationship between a mother and her child. And I realize that the way I am today, the best version of myself,  is because of you, sweet mother!

You are the one who taught me through your very own existence what love and care and patience and commitment are about! You are the most generous person I know and you will always be my role model.

I am most grateful for all these years, for all of our memories and loving moments. I owe you the wonderful gift of Life itself and what a great, happy life it is!

Thank you, my dearest, sweetest mother in the whole world! I love you!

Happy Birthday and many wonderful years ahead!



*Due image credits: All images via Lulu’s Sweet Secrets  She’s truly amazing!