Bring me Spring

Spring is my favorite time of the year! And it’s definitely my favorite state of mind!

The energy, the feeling of unlimited freedom, the awakening, the positive vibes, the atmosphere outside… it’s pure magic! Baby Clover was born in May, I met my husband in May and coincidentally or not, my dad’s birthday is in May as well.



My idyllic image of springtime is this: soaking up the sun, open-air markets, freesia and white tulips bouquets in my wicker basket. And baguettes.

Open trench coats, white plain t-shirts, cuffed jeans and ballet flats. Long walks on narrow, cobblestone-paved streets and scooping around old bookstores.

Jardin des Tuileries. Edith Piaf. Paris. Music festivals. La nuit des musées.

Bright colors,  the sounds of spring – bird songs and cherry blossomed trees. And lots and lots of light.

Friends, do share: what is your image of spring?



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