Bonne Vivante: 5 Little Things that Make Life Nicer

Okay, I admit: I am digger for lifestyle tips, for easy and beautiful living and a constant advocate for living la dolce vita.

I’ll never refuse a sneak peek into the lives of  what I consider normal and charming people, for a sane dose of inspiration. I scout those blogs that feature clever and effective home decoration, yummylicious recipes and DIY artsy projects – and luckily there are so, so many. My all-time favorite magazine has to be Art & Décoration. Should I say more?

In short, like the title of this post says, I consider myself what the French call a bonne vivante.

And to be honest, though I am not about to reinvent the wheel here, I just want to share with you a few of my favorite things/activities that make (my) life more charming and enjoyable.


living roomImages via Alvhem


1. A Wicker Basket

To use for grocery shopping, to carry bread or flowers, for running errands on summer days or to use during holidays at the beach. Yesterday I got this nice woven straw basket via etsy for 15 $ and it even came with a nice styling suggestion, as you can see in the picture below.

My personal tip is to tie a simple scarf around it for an extra chic touch.

straw bagImage via xplusyequals


2. The afternoon coffee

Or tea, if you’re not a fan of coffee. It has become a ritual for me. At about 4 o’clock, I savor my own little me-moment. At that time baby Clover is taking her afternoon nap, so there are no interruptions from that side. I pour my coffee in a nice porcelain, vintage-looking coffee cup that was intended, up until a while ago, for guests only. What a silly thing to do: saving the best things for “others” and for an indefinite future. Nowadays I have a new philosophy thanks to this post: I only use the best of what I already have.

3. Riding the subway/ bike or walking around

I don’t want to be a hypocrite: I love driving and truly enjoy the comfort of my car. But at least on weekends, I try to walk around as much as I can. For longer distances I use the subway, even when I’m with baby Clover. It’s important for her to discover new things and have new experiences, even if it’s just a common aspect of life, like transportation options. And for my husband and me it’s just the perfect time to enjoy outdoors together and be a bit more Eco-friendlier.

4. Wearing nice clothes around the house

And by that I don’t mean stilettos and evening cocktail gowns. I’m talking about affordable, still good quality items, that are both pleasant aesthetically speaking and comfortable.

For instance, I recently bought two vintage wool pencil skirts on clearance, via etsy (hooray for online shopping!). One is lipstick red (similar to the one in the picture below, minus the shoes) and the other one has a green-greyish shade. I pair them up with simple V-neck blouses or cotton shirts and ballet flats. And already I look pulled together and score compliments from my husband, which between you and me, is always a nice thing in a marriage.

Red pencil skirtImage via Forever21


5. Vive la musique

I cannot emphasize enough on this one: I just love a house filled with laughter and music. Whether it’s classic, famous or slightly obscure, I adore music. And I love discovering new artists every day. Did I mention the Swedes have something going on? Check this band out: First Aid Kit Or this one: Sambassadeur. Not to mention Niki & the Dove. I think they’re cool!

Okay I said 5 things, but music without books is like summer without the sun (I just made this one up 🙂 ).

6. Less TV & More reading

For the obvious reasons. I would anytime choose brains and culture over the latest VIP gossips. My favorite hanging out place, besides etsy is the Book Depository. They have a great selection of titles and shipping is sweet and fast. And it’s also free!

What about you, dear friends?

Any personal touches that make your life easier, sweeter or nicer? Do share, you know I’m a curious gal!