Happy Martisor!


For those of you who are not born and bred in Romania, Martisor might sound as something new: we celebrate it on very first day of spring, and it’s mostly represented by a thin cord of entwined red and white threads. You will find that the most common and traditional are exploring lucky charms and spring flowers.

For me, it’s a day during which my state of mind is equally divided between rejoicing, immersing once more in a joyful childhood state and obstinately hating the commercialization of a pure  beautiful holiday.  That is because in Romania, on the very first day of spring, men are supposed to offer these various little jewels to their wives, daughters, lovers, mothers, sisters and other female friends. Well, this has turned out into a shopping frenzy, often targeting the most horrendous kitschy things you have ever seen, whilst the entire feminine population of the area expects good taste, something nice (read expensive) and chivalrous behavior.

I don’t know if you have guessed, but I  am a rather opinionated person and well… I think that this present-giving has ruined a perfectly beautiful holiday. It’s not only waiting and hoping that I of all women will not be forgotten by the male colleagues bringing all sorts of presents to work , probably bought en gross from a cheap shop selling  merchandise made in China, but it’s also because this entire gift-making thing makes me feel uneasy. Maybe I just feel the “negative energy” of the respective man’s feminine entourage, mad at his spending half of his pay check on strange women. Maybe I feel guilty that men have this obligation which defies the very idea of a present. Probably I hate that some or other man has to once more make an effort to please all feminine tastes in presents (and boy, do I know that feeling!). Some of my male friends told me they have always dreaded the day, starting with their school days and up to the present moment and would rather run away into an unknown land for the day.


But today I am working from home, so huraaaaaa! I’ll avoid the uncomfortable awkward Martisor situations. I like celebrating Martisor my own way: enjoying the significance of the day, buying perfumed spring flowers and choosing a small self-gift whilst day dreaming of spring, lots of daylight and warmth.

Happy Martisor to you all!