Selective Judgement Found in Drugstore. I Hereby Declare it Valid!


I have just said no to the commercial approach of medicine. For those who know me, it might seem unbelievable :). I mean I said no to the way something is prescribed just because it couldn’t do any harm, whilst increasing the sales results of a pharmaceutical company. So my doctor recommended some medicine with a strange name yesterday, along with a natural medicine for a specific problem of mine. I went to the drugstore and discovered that the strangely named medicine was an ayurvedic medicine, a mix of totally unknown plants, which was supposed to improve and tonne everything from hormonal imbalance to anxiety and depression. Evrika! I almost yelled in disbelief. Panacea really exists!


Well, I just said no. No, thank you. Although the innocent reader of Harry Potter books in me would embrace the notion of an alchemic elixir, the rational and mature me doesn’t accept the idea of a bizarre concoction of  exotic plants that cures all problems. It makes me think about the itinerant sellers of wonder brews that charmed their way in people’s pockets in the bygone eras. Marketing is really that old!

Image source: here and here.