Kick boredom out of your life

Surely you have been down this road: life is sweet and generous, you have good friends and a loving family, maybe a satisfying career and all of a sudden you feel drained out of energy and blue. The food you’re eating isn’t tasty anymore, you feel tired and annoyed and the weather outside is mostly grey and rainy. Your hair/skin has a bad day as well, time-consuming tasks pile up on your desk and you forgot to pay the energy/cable bill once again. And just maybe on your way to work you got a flat tire. Sounds familiar?

Or maybe you just feel bored and find everything to be unsatisfying, dull and tiresome.

Been there, done that (recently). And though I do not possess a magic stick to make it all go away, I find there are a bunch of things that one can do in order to kick out monotony and have a new fresh perspective on daily life. So let’s do this together: let’s kick boredom out of our lives, shall we?

Girl reading drawing

Episode 1: Read and watch something inspiring

I’m sure you heard about this awesome guy: Nick Vujicic. You have seen this video, right?

Whenever I feel  ungrateful bored stiff with the life I live, I think of Nick and his inspiring life story and memorable speeches. His humor is exceptional and his energy and optimism are contagious. I have the utmost respect for the guy.

When it comes to reading, the one subject that always puts me in a better mood is French people. Yes, you got it right the first time: les Français. And I’m not talking solely about the chic Parisians. I mean artists, authors, cooks, writers, politicians and also your average Pierre or Marie or even le petit Jacques. Most people find Frenchies to be stiff and arrogant (and I’m sure some of them actually are), but I consider most of them to be refreshing and utterly practical people. Whether it’s about philosophy, parenting, music, art, cooking or mastering l’art de vivre, the French have a lot to say on these matters in their own unique way.

Girl reading Sylvia Plath


Here are some recent good readings that made it on my nightstand:

The Private Diaries of Catherine Deneuve “This memoir is an intimate look into Deneuve’s life both on and off-screen, and is every bit as riveting as her movie persona.” (via goodreads)

Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire by Mireille Guiliano “An insightful guide to navigating the working world, living the good life, and savoring every minute of it. In Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire, Mireille draws on her experiences at the frontlines and high echelons of the business world to give women the practical advice they need to make work part of a well-balanced life.  With lively lessons, stories, and helpful hints, she teaches every reader how to identify her own passions and talents, improve her communication skills, balance work and life, turn herself into a winning brand, and so much more.” (via

book igloo

Book igloo readingSculptural installation by Colombian artist Miler Lagos


Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. For the obvious reasons: baby Clover, or should say bébé Clover is raised according to some of these simple, common sense parenting philosophies and they really work (think sleeping through the night, in her own room, at 2 1/2 months, eating a full palette of vegetables and enjoying lots and lost of freedom)!

Le Conflict: La Femme et La Mere by Elisabeth Badinter. A book for every woman with or planning to have children. Whether you agree or not with Mme. Badinter, this book gives you plenty of food for thought and makes you question and reflect on your priorities. I must warn you though, this is a controversial reading and the release of it caused quite a heated “conflict” between feminist combatants and naturalist troops. However, I strongly recommended it. (Romanian version to be found here.)

~ Series to be continued. ~

How about you, dear friends? What is something inspiring you’ve read or seen lately that has uplifted your spirits and helped you kick boredom out of your life? I am curious to know!



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