What made you smile today?

The reason I rarely post pictures of myself or baby Clover is not because we are a family of ogres and might scare you off :), but it’s because I have this dilemma: what if my daughter doesn’t want to get involved in my little online project? She is 10 months old now and the most beautiful gal I know, but still I don’t have her conscious approval to post photos of herself (okay, facebook doesn’t count!).

However, today I’ll make an exception: I asked her this morning whether she would like to be featured on this post/blog, as she is my constant reason to smile. She looked at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and smiled and then picked up her toys to play. I conveniently took it as a “Yes” 🙂

So here we are: ta-daaa! My reason to smile today, yesterday and tomorrow is baby Clover, my sunshine and my raison d’être! I’m sure that every (proud) mother out there understands me perfectly.

Kissing baby Clover

Christening party

Baby Clover grocery shopping

Baby Clover and flowers

These are some of my favorite pictures ever and just by looking at them the world seems sweeter and brighter!

Have a happy, smiling day!