30 minutes

OK, OK, breathe iiiiin, breathe ooooout. Breathe. It’s Friday. A few hours left. Just keep calm.

Out of sheer stupid, sadistic curiosity, I have calculated the average time I had for myself this week, when not working, eating, sleeping, cursing and whining. Bathing and putting on  make up not included, they tend to take a loooot more when I’m sleepy –  but maybe poking my eye with the mascara for 2 times in a row will qualify me for a short medical leave. Well, it summed up to around 1,6 hours per day!


This week has been crammed with work-related things. No time to read a single page, no time to upload books on my newly replaced Kindle (oh, how I’ve missed it, my precious is back!), I even missed “As Time Goes By” on TV… and I confess I was tempted to skip brushing my teeth one evening, but the fear of the dentist’s torture was stronger.

So tonight (that is yesterday night 🙂 ), after a particularly horrid day at the office, I was supposed to work on a report for a client. I was at home, yearning for some free time and I just got so frustrated that I decided to take off  at least 30 minutes . 30 minutes, that’s all. What did I do? you might wonder. Well, I had a blast listening to some pick-up tunes 🙂 And then I went back to work. Bummer!

I am not joking, I actually have a “pick-me-up” playlist, as I also have a “PMS/pissed off” playlist, the “chill the damn out” playlist, the “rock on” playlist and the “lovely” playlist.

But well, in order to wrap up with a chirpy note, here are the highlights of tonight’s musical program: hope they give you the same cheerful vibe!

(all we need is Jagwie! or Bowjag? 🙂 )

(ah, you’ve got to love that mustache! 🙂 )

(rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😀 )

(no comment!)

(is it summer yet?)

Yep, I’m a sucker for 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, don’t get me started …

Have a melodious day, amigos! The weekend has just begun!



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