Living the Perfect Moment

You know how we all dream about those “perfect moments”? A beautiful sunset, a love declaration, a marriage proposal, the birth of a child, a career promotion, a lovely wedding or a perfect tango?

These are indeed perfect moments we live and relive through our memories and can’t get enough of.

Our golden moments are our true assets and wealth in life and represent the stories we tell ourselves and others to reinforce the legitimacy of our existence. But, the “wow factor” isn’t an exclusive attribute just for our defining, life-changing moments. The “wow factor” appears in simple, everyday moments too, if only we would see it and acknowledge it more.

little boy enjoying life

a bouquet of wild flowersBeautiful photos by Melissa Deakin, talented photographer and mama


This is what happened today: after finishing our lunch date in the kitchen, baby Clover and I returned to the living room for play time and a bit of reading. While she was busy playing with her Duplo building toys, I sat down on the couch, with a cup of coffee, immersing in a contemplative state of wandering thoughts and questions (and the eternal dilemma “What’s for dinner?”). Music was playing in the background – a soft and chirpy playlist of children songs en français.

And then, all of a sudden, my thoughts marathon stopped for a second as I heard a sweet refrain “Il y a longtemps que je t’aime/ Jamais je ne t’oublierai ”, literally meaning “I’ve loved you for a long time/ I will never forget you”. Right then and there I looked at baby Clover, our eyes met and she smiled my way. The world stood still. I felt an incredible emotional bond and mental connection between us, like we both agreed to this one truth: we love(d) each other for a long time. Simplicity. Complicity. Magic. Comfort and intimacy. And much, much LOVE.

For a moment, a sweet magical moment, I felt that I was given to understand all the wisdom and secrets of the universe: it’s all about LOVE. Always will be and always has been. In this, in past and future lives too.

This was one of those enlightened moments when you perfectly understand the reason why you are alive right here and now. A perfect moment life uses to explain itself.

Hope you’re having a great afternoon!



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