Farewell and Hello

The most important highlight of last month: Habemus nanny! Yaaay!

I’ve been cuddling up for the past days (weeks?) in family time, ditching everything around me that’s online and gleefully embracing everything else that’s offline. I’ve been cooking, baking, sweeping floors, decluttering cupboards, rearranging stuff around the house (did I mention arranging books by color?) just enough to make Martha Stewart really proud.

I found myself so happy with my nesting parade that I didn’t find time or inspiration to do anything else (read blogging). The truth of the matter is that after finding our dream-nanny (yee-haw!) and spending time with her and baby Clover, I realized that the clock is ticking and that soon, really soon, I’ll be returning to my old life as a working girl and giving up part of the privileges and tribulations of a stay-at-home mom.

Happiness in Bucharest Old City

So to prepare myself to say farewell to spending cheerful mornings, peek-a-booing and kissing little sockless feet with no time pressure or any pressure for that matter, I envisaged a transition/ accommodation plan and basically prepared ourselves for the moment I’ll be returning to a full-time job. What I managed to do was to make this transition period as smooth as possible, taking one step at the time, at first spending time all three of us together (baby Clover, the nanny and I) and gradually leaving baby Clover to warm up to Mrs. L., the nanny.

Their first meeting was peaceful and natural and what I really appreciated, as a mother, was that Mrs. L. didn’t over exaggerate her behavior so as to win baby Clover over: she was calm and respectful and allowed baby Clover take her time to “inspect” her and finally accept her. At the end of our first day as a trio, baby Clover cried when she realized that Mrs. L. is leaving, though I assured her that her new play buddy will be returning the next morning.

Oh, how I’ll miss our breakfast/lunch dates in the kitchen, our singing and clapping before nap time and every single activity that became our very own special ritual for the past 11 months. New rituals and routines will be added and created by her and her nanny and as for our old ones, these special moments of intimacy and affection will be reserved for weeknights, evenings, weekends and holidays.

And though in a hidden place of my heart I still have my (unfounded) worries, questions and nostalgic sighs, I know that this phase is a normal one in our existence: a bit of space and distance, between mother and child, leaves plenty of room for us to miss each other and even to enjoy more our time together.

While I say “Farewell” to one phase of my life, I also say “Hello” to a new one – pretty soon I’ll be one of those 3 in 1 women: mother, wife and working professional, skilfully juggling and accommodating play dates with business lunches, grocery shopping with urgent staff meetings, bedtime stories with business pitches, laundry folding with tight work deadlines. But I’ll figure it out somehow, as I have the best team on my side: baby Clover, my husband and the sweet wonder-nanny, Mrs. L. Together will be unbeatable! I’m sure of it!

What about you dear friends? What have you been up to? I missed you!!!!!



* Featured image via fadep.org