New Love: Alchemia

I was talking the other night to Venom, in one of my long monologues (you see I was using Facebook-messenger while Venom wasn’t even online, hahaha!), sharing with her some exciting news, that are now official to share with you as well.

I am happy and enamored to be part of a great, close-knit team of artists and art professionals: I am a member of Alchemia.

What is “Alchemia” you may ask? Well, it’s a one of a kind pied-à-terre for the contemporary art society. This private art gallery was envisaged by its owner – Dragos Farmazon, as a laboratory for ideas, beaux arts, events, art classes and magical synergies.

As a dreamer and advocate for a better, civilized, cultured society, I am most grateful to be given the chance to plead for my cause more through actions and less through words.

Meeting Dragos, the founder of Alchemia, was as natural as can be and by the end of our discussion, my mind, my instinct and my heart agreed: we should work together; we should combine and unite our experiences, creative intelligence and willingness to succeed, because we share the same vision and we plead for the same cause.

Alchemia front lobby

Alchemia lobby

Alchemia coffe shop

Alchemia Shop & Lobby

All images by Robert David, courtesy of Alchemia


So, here I am, charmed and smitten about this new opportunity as one is at the beginning of a new love. I am all butterflies in my stomach and happy humming all day in my head. No, I’m not crazy – I’m just in love and empowered by the infinity of possibilities and a big dose of wild hope, to leave my mark for a better, higher cause!

I’m so, so excited to see what happens next! My head is Las Vegas at night, buzzing with 1 Million ideas per minute and business plans! Fingers crossed, I can do it!