Master (of Disaster) Chef is Back!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post. I missed it. I’m not exactly sure what part I have missed, what it is that attracts me to writing half-anonymous virtual letters read by a handful of generous and very nice people – that will probably give me some food for thought, something to ponder on when I’ll be in a more meditative mood. But for now – carpe diem, mes amis, carpe diem! At the moment, none of the reasons that have kept me away seems important;  it was bleak and tiresome but there were some nice parts, as well.

However, mes amis, I have some good news! As I’ve mentioned food earlier … I, yes, I… have cooked! Do you remember my brave decision to learn how to cook? Well, I’ve done my homework and I am now the proud cook of 2 (yes, two!) main courses, patiently explained by my best friend and my mother. My friend taught me how to cook risotto with chicken and parsley and from my mother I’ve acquired the recipe for my family’s version of spaghetti  carbonara. What is more, they were both presented as versatile and it turns out I can use them as a basis for many other gastronomic creations.


I won’t bore you with the recipes, as they are rather common, indeed :). And before you ask, no, I won’t be showing any photographs – I’m afraid that my gastronomic accomplishments are not quite presentable. Come on, people, be patient with me, I’m not naturally endowed with such skills! I still forget to add some of the ingredients, cooking one meal still takes a lot of time and I make such a mess in the kitchen but practice makes perfect, doesn’t it? So don’t be fooled by my delight, it’s just some kind of wonder that I’m finally a grown-up in regards to my daily meals. True, they aren’t exactly the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten, but they are cooked by yours truly, they are quite edible and they taste … well… let’s say (grinning proudly) that they actually possess an interesting potential :).


So my next homework will be learning how to cook quinoa. As in Romania it’s not a popular food, It will be quite adventurous :D! So buckle up and keep your fingers crossed, mes amis!

Have a lovely week,



Image source: here and here