The Comeback

Motto: “All we know about the future is that it will be different.”

It’s not that I’ve abandoned ship (though it rightfully may seem so), it’s just that time is so scarce these days with one full-time job, many other projects in between and a heart that longs for the company of my daughter (and those slow-paced, serene days we used to spend together).

Being a mom changed everything: paradigms, priorities, life itself and my outlook upon it. I’m sure that I don’t stand alone when I say this: life is too short to be anything less than happy!

Steve Jobs

My creative projects and ideas have been swallowed up by my busy schedule, until eventually I decided one day, to just ignore them and put them off for an undetermined period of time. I skilfully tried to shut down that voice inside my head (the little one we all have and call intuition) and for a while it seemed to work, until my body started to pay the price for my apathy and put-off. Lack of sleep, a poor diet and that so much hated corporate superficiality led to inertia, grumpiness and frustration.

And then I met Laura (bless her soul!). While giving me an aura reading she made a way into every inch of my soul, especially into the very well hidden ones and verbalized every little thing I was too afraid to consider realistic, doable or even important.

After two hours of in-depth analysis of my very core, the verdict was evident: my higher-self, my body, my guardian angels urge me to take a step back, a deep breath and …jump!

Follow your dreams

The little voice inside my head became louder and clearer: “It is time, now!” Time to follow my heart, my creative yearnings, my passions (oh, yes! and make a living out of it!).

Should you ask me now: ” So what’s next?”, the most sincere answer I could come up with is this: ”I don’t know!” The decision is made, assumed and released into the Universe. Whatever it is (yes, it has to do with people; working with and for them) I’m positive it will be THE NEXT BEST THING. THE DREAM come true.

Stay tuned, I have no idea what I’ll be writing about tomorrow, but then again writing is something I love doing, so I’ll just let myself be inspired for tomorrow’s subject.

Think happy thoughts,


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