Early birthday present for Venom

Venom may not know it yet, but this is a post about her and our one of a kind, out-of-the-ordinary friendship.

This is a tribute to our karmic bond.

As you already know, the two of us are by far the normal version of BFFs; in fact, we are just two people who had the courage and faith to give friendship a second chance, against all odds.

You see, we first had to demolish our frail relationship before rebuilding it into a solid, unfailing, profound friendship. And it took us years to do that, but nevertheless it was all worth it!

Sunflower profile

Nowadays, though we do not do everything together or spend an impressive time in each other’s company, we are always within a phone call’s reach, no matter what.

So, dear Venom, here it is – my love letter to you:

THANK YOU for all those times I knew I could confine and rely on you! THANK YOU for all of our crazy laughter and tragicomic situations!

THANK YOU for your heartfelt advice and for being the most sincere voice in my life! THANK YOU for the space and time you allowed our friendship to grow and consolidate!

THANK YOU for allowing me to be my happy, sad, on-the-run, hectic, control-freak, walking-on-clouds self!

THANK YOU for being YOU and giving me the immense privilege of having you as my friend! We are by all means two sides of the same coin!

Happy, happy birthday!

Hope it’s a bare-feet-in-the-grass-sunshine-on-your-shoulders kind of day!

I love you!


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